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Rock Film Películas Automotivas Premium

The new Rock Film's Premium Automotive Store website was developed to give authority on Google at the great ABC region as a premium film store. The site was built from scratch, from domain registration to content production by our team. The website has a Leads manager and was designed to provide the best experience between the user and the store's products. Today it already appears in the first positions of Google's organic search, thus achieving one of the objectives defined during its planning.

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We thought of all the details in the creation of the Rock Film Peliculas Automotive Premium website; the presence on Google was significant for the store during the pandemic, and the organic positioning in search engines is also the result of all the usability and architecture designed to expose the products and store services. The new website has a content manager for total customer control without relying on maintenance.
Tecnologia Python, Django, HTML5, CSS3




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